Breeding Standards

All of our dogs are Versatile Hunting Dog Federation tested for Versatile Hunting Ability, field evaluated on wild birds and peer reviewed by the German Wirehair Alliance before they are chosen for breeding. We specifically look for hard hunting, strong, well tempered and stylish dogs. These dogs must excel at versatile hunting situations and have appreciable citizenship away from the field.

We believe this combination of testing, standards and peer review greatly enhances our ability to produce predicable breeding results.

Versatile Hunting Dog Federation

Versatile Hunting Dog Federation tests are noncompetitive. Dogs are evaluated against a set standard specifically designed around the collective values of North American hunters and their dogs. These evaluations are designed as a tool for the hunter and breeder to evaluate natural ability and trainability in a public forum.  The records for individual dogs, whole litters, lines of dogs, and select gene pools should be useful to breeders for future breeding decisions. The results also will tell owners what areas they should emphasize in future training for an all-around and capable hunting dog.

German Wirehair Alliance

The GERMAN WIREHAIR ALLIANCE is a group of dedicated German Wirehaired Pointer breeders and enthusiasts working together to improve, foster, and promote the German Wirehaired Pointer as a die-hard upland and waterfowl versatile hunting dog for North America’s most avid hunters.

The GERMAN WIREHAIR ALLIANCE breeders adhere to strict breeding requirements for all breed stock in the areas of performance, temperament, health, and conformation.

1. Both parents must be Certified free of hip dysplasia by a recognized organization such as Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) or a University with a recognized hip certification program such as University of Pennsylvania (PENNHIP), Saskatchewan or Guelph.

2. Neither parent may have a temperament fault. Man shy, gun shy, aggressive, fearful or otherwise mentally unstable dogs of unsound nerves shall not be used for breeding.

3. Neither parent may have a known genetic disorder and both parents must be Certified free of autoimmune hypothyroidism from a recognized lab (OFA certification recommended). Testing for von Willebrand (vWD) disease is also recommended.

4. Both parents must be evaluated in conformation and structure to be at least GOOD by their FCI recognized breed club, by the VHDF Conformation and Structure Evaluation, or by obtaining an AKC Conformation Champion title.

5. Both parents must be evaluated at a higher level versatile dog test which includes work before and after the shot, on land and in water. Approved evaluations and minimum performances include: NAVHDA UT prize II level work in all subjects, VHDF AHAE GOOD level work in all subjects, or JGHV HZP GOOD level work in all subjects.