German Wirehaired Pointer ( GWP ) Puppies

C Litter - Ruby Rocks Alexandria ( Lexi ) x Lager v. den Drei Teufeln (Luke)

This is a pairing of two top rated dogs in the VHDF testing system. Each parent has tested above 95% in fieldwork and conformation. In addition, both parents are certified HD free by Penn HIP and have clear thyroid screening. Both Luke and Lexi are known to produce high quality pups which are driven and cooperative in the field while having an easy going character around the house.

Due Date: 4/27/2017

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Lexi - Ruby Rocks Alexandria

Lexi's Pedigree

VHDF AHAE: 175 (97%)

VHDF Conformation and Structure Evaluation: Structure-Very Good 10, Conformation-Very Good 10 (100%)

SIZE:59cm tall by 61cm long.Weight 53 Pounds

COAT and COLOR: Medium Short length, Black and White Roan, Dense and Harsh

HIPS: PennHIP L .24 R .24 (greater than 90%)

Not only is Lexi a fun and exciting dog to hunt behind, she is one of the most cooperative dogs I have seen in action. Her training for the AHAE test was completed without a collar. Lexi is out o two of the all-time highest scoring VHDF dogs in the system: Jana v den Drei Teufeln also known as Ruby who scored HAE 75 or 107%, AHAE 185 or 103% and PE 200 or 100% and Ingo v den Drei Teufeln also known as Angus who scored HAE 67 or 96%, AHAE 192 or 107%, and PE 174 or 87%.

Lexi is my daughter Lunden's dog. Lunden participated in Lexi's whelping, raising and training. Lexi's nature really shines when her and Lunden are working in the field together. This speaks highly to Lexi's balance between game drive and cooperative nature.

Luke ( Sire ) – Lager v. den Drei Teufeln

Luke's Pedigree

VHDF HAE: 71 ( 101% )

VHDF AHAE: 174 ( 96% )

VHDF Conformation and Structure Evaluation: Structure - Excellent, Confirmation - Excellent

HIPS: PennHIP L .32 R .32 ( greater than 85% )

Luke is the consummate versatile hunting dog; with exceptional talent in the uplands and water, before and after the shot. He is extremely beautiful with exceptional conformation and temperament. In 2009, Luke tested in VHDF and scored 71 in the HAE and 174 in the AHAE . In addition, Luke has been rated “Excellent” by VHDF in conformation and coat. Luke’s hips are certified HD free by Penn HIP with a DI of Left .32 & Right .32, ranking Luke better than 85 percent of the dogs in the German Wirehaired Pointer breed.


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